The House Of Natural Fiber (HONF) are proudly to present Cellsbutton#05: Institutional Cells – Yogyakarta International Media Art Festival.
Cellsbutton#05 will take the theme of « Institutional » as part of Education Focus Program curriculum in 2011. Within 8 days of the festival, Cellsbutton#05 will focus on artistic and communities practices in an « Institutional » form, engaging local and global development and application in art, science and technology within the communities.
As an annual international community-base festival, Cellsbutton#05 will be a cross-collaborative starting platform for international artists, communities, scientists, researchers, lecturers, inventors, theorists, activists practitioners, to exchange knowledge that beneficial for the society.


Yogyakarta International Media Art Festival

15 – 23 JULI 2011

powered and organized by HONF
Yogyakarta New Media Art Laboratory



« We shape our tools, and they in turn shape us » Marshall Mcluhan

Institution as a tool and medium.

Fulfilling the need for a institution as a medium shaped in society HONF take the headline « Institutional Cells » as the theme Cellsbutton # 05, Yogyakarta International Media Art Festival 2011. « Institutional Cells » expose the various entities vision through creative practices.

Referring to the theme then Cellsbutton # 05 will focus to a variety of institutions who use their movement as a medium. Institution that serves as a bridge or institution that serves as its message.

Institutions are needed to accommodate the small explosions that developed into euphoria in the community. Along with the rapid of information technology, often make the movements disappeared so quickly without realizing a form. This is where the need for institutions on forming bursts into a message that can be read by audiences.



Cellsbutton is an annual community-base organized international media art festival in Yogyakarta, Indonesia initiated by HONF. Since it was started in August 2007, Cellsbutton became the first international media art festival in Indonesia that focus on education. Cellsbutton act as a platform that connect international artist with interdisciplinary people in Indonesia to expand limitless creations and innovations through media art. As part of HONF Education Focus Program [EFP], Cellsbutton is set to became HONF primary instrument to provide the proper dissemination of knowledge, information and networking in media art for the general public in Indonesia especially Yogyakarta; a special province that contain great deal potential of intellectuality from various disciplinal backgrounds and famous as a center for Indonesian higher education. The organizing of the festival was done through the collaboration with the support from local creative communities in Yogyakarta.



The House Of Natural Fiber (HONF) is a media art laboratory run by a community in Yogyakarta. They implemented a methodology called Open – Community which is mostly concerned to the needs of cross-collaborative actions responding to technology development and practical use in daily life. In the beginning, they started as a young community with various backgrounds and ideals. They want to do whatever they wish, but with a natural inclination to create by the spirit of togetherness. There is no ambition to work simply for personal profit. They create for themselves, their family, and their environment. This is the basis for the first actions and commitment between them. Since 1999, they concentrate on the principles of critique and innovation. Thinking forward, positive and creative is becoming a vision for HONF. In the implementation of this vision, in every program, they work towards the development of art with technology. This desire to contemplate the future of technology and art is an important endeavor for the technology itself.


ABOUT EFP (Education Focus Program)

EFP is a curriculum that act as a guideline for every HONF activities that is innovated responding the global situations and conditions in Indonesia. EFP concentrate on interdisciplinary knowledge exchanges and collaborations in critical analysis towards local and global issues and creating innovative ideas to seek solutions toward it. EFP main objective is to build a modern mind and mentality of society by bridging art, science and technology that is useful in processing local potentials into beneficial outputs for the society based on human uses and urgent needs. In the implementation of EFP programs, HONF use Open-Community form, a methodology that invites local communities in Yogyakarta to take various roles accordingly to their ability and competency, which allows them to be involved in the activities with HONF acted as navigator. This method is chosen, as community is a primary working method that is used by the society in Indonesia at the present time. It is also enabling EFP to be a generic infrastructure that enhance and amplify the dissemination of knowledge to involving communities and wide range society. EFP programs are presented in informal educative platforms that are accessible by the society to overcome the current Infrastructures and curriculum of overall education system in Indonesia that is far from efficient.



In the fifth edition, Cellsbutton#05 will focus on entity’s « institutional » context amid the presence of arts and cultural infrastructures within the society. Institution referred can be in form of community, educational institutions, representatives of foreign institutions, galleries and museums, or a number of institutions beyond the general category, not much is known, and even that are in process of formulating the shape and vision of an alternative. Entities are considered to have contributions in developing the infrastructure of art and culture in Indonesia. Strengthening the infrastructure necessary to accommodate the developing expressions of the civil society.

Expression or on the other side can also be seen as the way society is renewing itself through cultural practices. This is the culture, a practice of marking which is required for dynamic cultural practices that are open on various different viewpoints, approaches and cultural practices.

The phenomenon to express occurs also because of the need for individuals to colonize. Colonize needs based on shared vision also establish influence in the delivery of public opinion. Individuals who gathered despite differences characterized background when they are incorporated to convey a similar message tends to have a power base. Especially if the message is delivered in generic and continuously. On the basis of the need to speak something communally, making the need for a medium called institution

Racing with the development of technology and innovation. Thus an institution can become a communication bridge between art and the socio-culture life of society. An institution serves as a medium for an infrastructure. When there is a flooding of communication technology, an institution transformed itself to make it as a medium for the continuity of knowledge, and giving balance to the information itself.

Fulfilling the need for a medium in the form of institutions in the society, HONF took the headline « Institutional Cells » as the theme for Cellsbutton#05 – Yogyakarta International Media Art Festival, 2011. « Institutional Cells » is a theme that expose the various entity visions through creative practices. To be a kind of an oasis of differences. Although differ, there is similarities and the same needs in strengthening civil society base.

« Institutional Cells » open the broadest possible range of explorative possibilities and egalitarian.

« The medium is the message. The Institution is the medium. Are you the messenger or are you the message it self? « .



Please send an email to before 15 June 2011 an A4 size pdf format files containing information of:

Applicant’s Name

Applicant’s Short Biography (100 words max)

Project Title to be presented in Cellsbutton

Project Description

Brief Explanation on how the project would be beneficial to local communities


Term and Condition

HONF will provide place to stay, 1 meal per day and local transportation for Cellsbutton#04 schedule of activities. For international transportation HONF could only provides a letter of invitation to support and letter of recommendation for the participants to get funding. As the Official Office and meeting point during the festival, HONF lab will be open for every participant as the gathering place, studio and meeting point.



opening act of Cellsbutton

special audiovisual performance act of Cellsbutton

club party, VJ gathering/VJ School

meet the fibers!

DIY workshops, researches and presentations

« even the gods take a day off… »

Indonesia Bricolabs
international global network focussing on local and global development generic infrastructure incrementally develop by communities

children workshop. Simple art – simple technology – fun learning and nourishing activity

open platform for experimental music and audiovisual performance

The fibers
platform for collaboration and researches between media labs and creative communities

EA Channel Meeting
exchanging information’s on global and local networking

pre-Cells and post-Cells residency program. Collaborating with local creative communities

sharing information & knowledges through radio frequency

off – file not found (closing party)


Now and then…

The long-term survival of the human race is at risk as long as it is confined to a single planet. Sooner or later, disasters such as an asteroid collision or nuclear war could wipe us all out. But once we spread out into space and establish independent colonies, our future should be safe. There isn’t anywhere like the Earth in the solar system, so we would have to go to another star. – Stephen Hawking


Welcome to the institutional cells!

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