BACK TO EARTH BUILDING Is a two-week intensive design-build workshop that will study, explore and build with local materials the initial infrastructure for MARIAMULATAS´ Community Cultural Center which follows the community’s needs. The project will engage students, local builders and community members in a series of workshops that will conclude in the construction of a space for creativity, art, folklore and community empowerment.







Back to earth Building will take place in Rincón Del Mar Colombia from July 16 – 28 – 2014 and is open to all students of different mayors and disciplines, professionals or anyone who is interested in Building Sustainable Communities through Bio architecture techniques and alternative technologies.


ORGANIZMO is an organization that promotes the principles of permaculture, bio-architecture, and the implementation of intuitive technologies. We believe in contributing to community empowerment through education and skill building, utilizing local resources, and through the facilitation of spaces that make possible the implementation and technology transfer, education and advocacy groups from life experiences and the assessment of sustainable systems.

Ana Maria Gutierrez

Is the co-founder of Organizmo, an organization that promotes the principles of permaculture, bio-architecture, and the implementation of intuitive technologies.  She holds a BFA in Architectural Design from the Parsons School of Design and a Master in Interactive Telecommunications, ITP, from New York University.  She has been dedicated to natural construction techniques for eight years, having studied at Cal-Earth (California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture), Yestermorrow Design School, TIBA Bon Jardin, and Integria, among many other centers of sustainable construction. She now teaches at her own center, Organizmo, and has been invited to teach at the University of ISTHMUS in Panama and at Oxford Brookes University in the UK.


Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 1.42.36 PMJuliana Ramirez 

Director Community Projects MAPA organizmo

Architetct from Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá, Colombia), did a year of architectural studies in the Universidad Autónoma de Mexico. UNAM DF. She has been working during 10 years in research and development of architectural projects. She joined Fundación Organizmo three years ago focusing on the improvement of housing for vulnerable population situations and alternative construction techniques for low-cost housing.

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